Saturday, 26 October 2013

Tilton Tee

Here is a t-shirt I made using Vogue 8793.
I purchased and  followed a Craftsy course to construct the tee with the Tilton sisters,
Katherine and Marcy.
I had a problem with the neckband wanting to roll away from the body, and I see on Craftsy photos others have done, I am not the only one. Too fix this I just turned the neckband to the inside and stitched it down close to the original stitch line. Now it looks like black piping added to the neckband.  My black fabric did not have enough stretch in it to stretch it onto the neck.  I will also go down a couple of sizes next time as this is a bit big for me, I did take it in but still too big. I like the different fabric for the sleeves that the sisters used for this tee. This tee also had hip "wings" that I sewed out and will cut the pattern straight to get rid of the 'wings' next time. My hips are 6 inches smaller than my bust or waist, so I don't need hip wings.

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